Instructor’s Testimonials


Pamela Rogers

“Pam Rogers has been my golf instructor for the past several years. Her style is classic, her teaching easy to understand and right on the mark. She has added distance to my shots, shown me how to hit with less effort and taken stokes off from my game each and every time I have had a lesson from her. The videos she suggests reinforce her teaching and give an opportunity to slow down the action so that you can really see what she is discussing. I have studied the men and women on their respective professional tours and their form is exactly how Pam teaches whether it is Arnold Palmer, Ricky Fowler or Jordan Spieth. Anyone from a beginner to an experienced veteran would gain from her lessons. I think she is great.”

– Don Wright

“Pam took me back to basics and re-grooved my swing as I had developed some not so good techniques. She was extremely patient with me. Pam helped me “feel” the way the swing should be, and that helped me to have the muscle memory and brain recall that I feel will help the most going forward. In addition to the lesson, she followed up with helpful videos and downloads to refer back to. I think Pam will be a definite go-to pro when I need a golf swing tune up! I definitely recommend Pam to anyone looking to improve their game.”

– Karen Bean



Greg Greksa

“Any golfer who’s serious about the game of golf and wants to continually improve needs to have an instructor they have confidence in. Greg Greksa is that kind of instructor. I was blown away by Greg’s enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for the game. Greg has improved my swing with timing, tempo and plane line. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Greg and look forward to our future practice sessions together.”
2012 – U.S. Mid-Am Champion – Conway Farms Golf Club
2010 – U.S. Mid-Am Champion – Atlantic Golf Club
2009 – U.S. Mid-Am Champion – Kiawah Island Club (Cassique)
2003 – U.S. Mid-Am Champion – Wilmington Country Club (South)
Nathan Smith – 4 time U.S. Mid-Am Champion & 2013 Masters Participant

Jimmy Hamilton

Jimmy Hamilton