Dave Snyder


Coaching different sports for the last 35 years, I have developed many skills in achieving goals for my team members and teammates. From being a college student and also the assistant coach of a women’s college softball team to coaching other teams of softball, football, soccer, baseball and even cheerleading, I learned that having a successful season is not always about the final standings but also about the goals that were met and surpassed. Now as a golf professional, I am coaching individuals and also teams to better their skills and life goals. Being a head high school golf coach, I get to motivate students to reach and surpass their goals. The main theme in learning a difficult sport is to HAVE FUN with it. If you are having fun and relaxed you not only can enjoy learning but it makes it an easier and faster learning process. Being a retired Air Force Combat Communication Sergeant, I had to motivate people to push themselves for the good of the team, this also goes for team and individuals sports. We all want to succeed and I try and give a path for everyone to complete this mission. I hope to see you out on the course and remember #HAVEFUN!!!!

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Lesson Rates effective March 1, 2022

Adults – $360 for 4-60 minute lessons

Juniors – Age 17 & under – $240 for 4-60 minute lessons