Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Available year round and on a per-instructor basis.

Attractive gift certificates are available for purchase from the professional of your choice. Contact the professional directly or contact Jimmy Hamilton to pay for and arrange delivery of the certificate. Holiday specials are available for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the Winter holidays. These specials will be noted on this page at those times.

Mother’s Day Certificates available April 29 – May 12

Father’s Day Certificates available June 3 – June 16

2021 Holiday Certificates available November 15 – December 31

**The Following Specials ONLY valid when purchased and used within Holiday Dates listed above!** Buy any 4 lesson package and get the fifth lesson FREE!* Buy any 8 lesson package and get an hour on course lesson FREE!* Buy any 12 lesson package and get both an extra lesson AND an hour on course lesson FREE!*

Contact the Academy Professional of your choice to receive and pay for the certificate package of your choice or call on of our awesome instructors

Jimmy Hamilton, PGA at 919-906-1290 Greg Greksa, PGA 919-538-1768 Pamela Rogers, PGA/LPGA 919-426-9553

Jeff Glatfelter, PGA 717-683-9196

Dave Snyder, Teaching Professional Ronnie Reitz, PGA 919-696-8063
  • All certificates will be mailed out within 48 hours from when payment was received.
  • All certificates will have an expiration date 1 year from when purchased and must be redeemed during that time.
  • All lessons will be given at Wildwood Green Golf Club in Raleigh, NC.  (The full address is 3000 Ballybunion Way Raleigh, NC 27613)
  • All lessons must be set up through the academy.  You can contact your instructor directly or through the website on the Contact page.
  • *Holiday promo Specials ONLY valid when purchased and used within Holiday Dates listed above!