Stretching and Golf: A Great Combo

The beginning of the “main” season every spring brings about a lot of rusty golfers both physically and mentally.  But, one of the worst things you can do when coming back from your “golf hibernation” is to not stretch.  Not only is this important at the beginning of the season but during every practice session […]

Play The Hole Backwards

Whether you are a tournament golfer or just out on the weekends to play with your buddies, having proper strategy on the golf course can help you minimize mistakes and shoot lower scores.  One way to do that is to try to play the hole backwards in your mind.  This is a common practice of […]

Experiment Around The Greens

As most players already know, a sound short game can be the difference between a really poor round and an average round.  It can always cover up a poor ball striking day by allowing you to save par from tough positions.  Execution is key, but you must have a strategy in place that will help […]

Match Play – A Fun Tournament Format

If you’re a member at a country club, then you might already be pretty familiar with match play. You’ve probably already played quite a few tournaments where some sort of match play was involved. The casual golfer (unless quite competitive) however, usually doesn’t have a reason to play a “match play” event. So as the […]