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Brian OndrakoBrian has been a member of the PGA of America since March of 2007. Recently, Brian passed his next level of education with the PGA of America and has gained Certified P rofessional status. Brian has lived in North Carolina since 2001 and has been teaching golf in Raleigh, NC since 2006. A native of upstate New York, Brian decided to pursue his love of golf and move south to attend Methodist College in Fayetteville, NC. Brian received a Bachelor’s Degree from Methodist in Business Administration and a concentration in Professional Golf Management. During his college years, Brian did several internships at some notable clubs in North Carolina including Forest Creek Golf Club in Pinehurst and Roaring Gap Golf Club in Roaring Gap, NC.

Since Brian’s move to Raleigh, N.C., his pursuit has been to help each and every player achieve their goals. He understands that every player has different skills and different amounts of time to practice so he works with each player to help them understand how they will improve the quickest and continue to improve over time. He is not just a “full-swing” coach but believes that developing a sound short game and a positive mental attitude are extremely important in reaching specific goals.

Brian’s passion for the game goes beyond just giving golf lessons. He enjoys helping all players’ reach a maximum enjoyment of the game. That can be done through teeing it up in a local charity event to communicating the proper effects of having your clubs fit. There are a variety of ways that each person can put a smile on their face and get away from the stresses of life, and Brian believes golf fits right into that.

Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy on golf instruction is that every player has the opportunity to play better golf if effort is put in.  Each player will have a different potential based on physical and mental abilities.  It is important that each player understand his or her own golf game and the aspects of their game that will make them a better player.

I try to coach each individual through their weaknesses and give them the right tools to practice and perform on their own.  Since every player has time constraints, it is vital that they understand how to efficiently utilize their practice time.  There are no short-cuts and what works for one player may not work for another.  I believe that positive pursuit of these ideas will give each individual a better reinforcement and an opportunity for further enjoyment in the game.

I believe that short game, and especially putting, is overlooked far too often in the game.  With proper technique and the acquired feel that comes with practice, I believe any player can maximize their potential on the golf course.  I understand that modern golf stresses the need for 300 yard drives and precision accuracy but it is the player who can pitch, chip, and putt that normally produces the more repeatable score.

Full Swing technique can also be important depending on skill level and sound understanding of swing principles.  These are essential for a player to gain accuracy and distance.  The Set-up is the overwhelming “constant” that needs to be there for every player.  If that is sound, then the body can work properly to deliver the golf club in a great impact area each and every swing.

Finally, the mental game is important in every athletic event in the world so why wouldn’t it be important in golf.  You might be able to hit every shot in golf but when it comes down to dealing with nerves, pressure, and those “inner demons” you must have a focused mental game.  You need to understand what your mind does in certain situations, when to trigger positive thoughts, and how to stay in the moment.

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